Content Marketing Strategy in few simple steps

Content Marketing Essentials

Information about content marketing is abundant, but if you have thought about it for the first time, it’s tough to know where to start from. Content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi says that Content marketing is a tool by which you create, share relevant content and consistent content that adds value to the life of the clearly defined audience. The objective of content marketing is clear, it should drive customer action that leads to the profit of the company.

Content marketing is the most powerful tool that drives leads and traffic. It boosts your business.

Content Marketing Leads to Profit Through Customer Response

The content that you share with your visitor should initiate contact or transaction with you. As a business person initiating content marketing strategy, you should know what outcome you want from it. Lead your audience down the sales funnel. Define your current baseline so that you can measure the success of your content marketing activity. Keep a watch on:

  • Patterns of your website traffic
  • Conversion rates
  • Track activities that don’t drive engagement.

Through Google Analytics, content management system or with both, you should record what your visitors are doing, their pattern of activity, and their response. Observe how long they stay on your website, and the most important factor is how much of activity results in business? This helps you aim for growth in your business.

Content Should Add Value to Your Audience

Content marketing should not be about you, your business, and preferences. It should focus on customer needs and preferences. The content should lead to the success of your customers, add to understanding of the industry you hail from, and solve their challenges. Well, content marketing is not about push sell or hard sell, it is a way by which your prospective customer develops trust in you and it grows your credibility.

Define Your Target Audience

Whatever your marketing activity, it’s primal to define your target audience. Irrespective of what business you are in, not everyone can be your audience. All your customers have something common in them; they are from the same age group, they all are interested in launching websites for their company? Find a common topic that interests these audiences.

Skills and Tools for Content Creation and Sharing

Most businesses start with content marketing on a small scale. If you don’t have a budget to start your content marketing strategy, honestly assess what tools you have with you now to use them to create and share content. Some of these things are as follows:

  • Do you have some awesome content that can be repurposed for different mediums?
  • Do you have social media content to provide you with a platform to share your content?
  • Find out if someone in your team can write?
  • You may have some email newsletter or marketing automation tools.
  • Personalize your website content based on who is viewing it.
  • Have some third-party services that can help you share content.

When you audit content and resources, it gives you a base to build on and guide you where you need to focus.

Deliver Content Consistently

Google has parameters to rank your content, and one of them is it observes how consistently you post content. Figure out how often you can post content. If once a week is what you can do, then go for it, start now. When you publish stuff consistently, your SEO ranking improves tremendously. If you have the practice of publishing large research reports, then prior and after its publishing, you can share content and observe how your audience keeps visiting your site.

Create a Brand New Content Strategy

You can prepare an outline of specific tactics when you know what you wish to accomplish, what resources you have, and who you are trying to reach. Different audiences require different tactics and strategy. When you take out time to understand these nuances, your content marketing strategy becomes effective in the long run

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