Simple & Easy Email Marketing Tips For Realtors

Email marketing is more effective when we filter the mailing list. Often mailers go in bulk, missing the target customer. Email marketing is just like a direct mailer that used to come to your doorstep a few years back. Post (physical) mailers practically don’t exist today but, email marketing has replaced them. In the real estate business, the most important aspect is building a relationship with clients. Even when clients don’t intend to invest in a property, estate agents can still stay in touch with their (prospective) clients. And email marketing is a way to build this relationship with your clients.

Traditionally, you can call customers if you have to do business and build relations but, how often are you going to do that? It gets annoying when you keep calling clients. So as a substitute to this you can make clients fill customer registration forms which carry the client’s email. It is most likely that these customers want to keep in touch with you and thus, reveal their email id. There is a high possibility that they will convert into customers one day.

Build a relationship with clients through these email marketing tips.


You can use email marketing for any business and for real estate business it has some unique benefits.

• Helps in converting leads into sales
• Builds a long-term relationship with clients
• Targets the desired audience

Always be sure that you reach the desired customers. Shortlist your email list and reach the right customer. Extended database can waste your time. Segment the customer data you have with you. If you send a mailer to a customer who is least interested in a particular type of property, he would feel irritated for the unnecessary information, and you might lose that customer.


Data can be segmented into

  • Customers who want to buy a land/ house
  • Customers who wish to sell a land/house
  • Customers who want to rent the apartment
  • Leads
  • Paid customers


Mailer Specific Content

Get the content that catches audience attention; the material should be in short lines. Mainly the subject line should be catchy and should capture the essence of your mailer. So, chances of the customer opening your mailer are high. To generate interest, keep your customers informed with some important happenings in his local area or policy changes.

You should build a relation and a comfort level with the customer so that they can contact you for home improvement and whenever they think of buying and selling a property.

Your email should carry

• Your business information
• Virtual tours and videos of the property
• Area of work


Media with videos, animation, and audio stimulate the customer to respond immediately. But, the text-only format also does wonders.

Avoid Spamming

Spam is a mailer that the recipients have not subscribed to and also it is a mass mailer that is sent out to people in bulk.

Social Media

Include links to your social media profile into your marketing campaigns. Customers look at social media sites to get information and build an opinion. The content of your email can be posted on social media networks. Seek the consumer database from social media sites and take permission from them to send them mailers.


Do not forget to measure the response of Email Marketing campaign:

When you change the subject lines, the content and design of your mailer, keep a record as to which of these were a hit with the customers, and which had a high response rate. Implement your ideas, make changes in the mailer and see what works the best. Keep trying new things and don’t make the mailer look routine.

Keep a creative and clear approach towards the email campaign and see the results coming through it. Marketing is about building a relationship of trust and understanding. An emailer is a tool to make this kind of relation.
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