Models… The Benefits of Hosting Your Modeling Portfolio Online

So you’re a model and you have been wondering why post your modeling portfolio online when you can have it personally sent to professionals who may demand it, there are many reasons why you should be getting online. There are many benefits of hosting your online modeling portfolio.

Taking your portfolio online is soon picking up as a trend for models who are wanting to grow and/or diversify in their field of expertise, hence many sites are seeing a lot of internet traffic from photographers and other modeling industry professionals who are looking to network with budding talent and new faces.

Moreover, not every model or photographer has the requisite technical skills to build and maintain an online forum like a customizable website for themselves where they can showcase their latest work or talent. Posting the portfolio on such modeling professionals networking sites can ensure that models get access to other media industry professionals irrespective of their geographic location, lack of technical skills to manage a personal online site or experience.

Apart from these here I am listing down a few advantages of posting your portfolio online:

Adding Value to Your Work

Online portfolio acts like an online resume and can behave as the perfect personal branding tool with lesser limitations- a resume has a set format and one can give only specific information, limited photos and a gist about their experiences at work, whereas on the Internet, you can post an array of your best photos that can display and reflect your various moods and expressions, your personality and talent, your previous work experience with site links, references to shoots that have been done, etc.

Ease of Access

Anyone looking to hire you or network with you only has to have a link to your online profile where you showcase your talent, and potential, rather than having to refer to your resume in physical form, which could be quite a task. What’s more- they can immediately access reference sites which you provide where your work maybe posted and gauge your worth! Simply share one link and all information about your education and work experience can be made available.

Increased Visibility

Being a vast industry with many facets, the media line has opportunities galore for the right face and talent. What is not the case though is that many opportunities have to be settled with average results as they don’t reach the worthy contenders that they require for the role- call it lack of an online presence, or word of mouth that was not passed properly, but here an opportunity was lost by a model, and they may not even know it! Similarly if they had an online presence, they would have known about the opportunity possibly, exchanged information online with references given by the model to sites where their previous work is showcase and voila! they would have had a deal!!!

Reflect on Your Work

Every model needs to up their act by a notch once in a while, but how can they do the benchmarking? They can access where they stand in respect to their previous work by maintaining these online portfolios.

Connect with Followers

Online portfolios allow users to rate and comment on your work. This gives you an opportunity to connect with fans real time and understand their sentiment about work done. Bigger and better fan following can help you to gain increased visibility and prompt and proper feedback.

Finally, an online presence can increase your visibility and open up new opportunities. Many opportunities in the media industry go to models who have an online presence or who are referred to online through word of mouth. By maintaining an online portfolio, you can increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers and industry professionals.

In conclusion, hosting your modeling portfolio online has many advantages, including ease of access, increased visibility, and the ability to reflect on your work and connect with your followers. There are many free websites where you can create your own online modeling portfolio, such as By maintaining an online presence, you can increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers and industry professionals, and take your modeling career to the next level.

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