How to Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out to Homebuyers

The top most priority of a real estate agent is to build a strong relationship with clients. They are looking upto you for some sensible, realistic advice. They are looking for options and want to know what is the best choice that they can make? Once you give them the necessary assistance, they build a trust relationship with you and develop a comfort level too. And your website is the launch pad of this relationship building.

It creates the edifice of a long term trustworthy relationship. But most real estate websites segregate choices according to neighbourhood, number of bedroom, the price, etc. Well, these are the standard categories that they show on their website. They give a general idea about the kind of properties available in a particular area.

You want to have a website where homebuyers get pulled to and can’t do without then you have to give people something extra. Isn’t it true that we all are looking for something different and something more when we buy something? Your customers too are the same, give them the reason to go back to your website and get them to rely on it.

Honestly the real estate market has changed, homebuyers surf the net to know about homes before they even talk to real estate agents. A study by National Association of Realtors suggests that 29% of buyers while they are searching for homes use the internet some way or the other. You want an edge over other websites? Then the best way to give something extra is to know what your buyers are looking out for.

What Homebuyers Are Looking for in Your Website?

These are the things that I found out about homebuyers. Use these tips to pull more audience and close deals:

Pictures and Videos

Pictures make a deeper impact on the minds of the visitors and homebuyers are looking out for the number of rooms, the price range and the pictures. If you don’t have a picture they keep on searching it online. All the properties that you deal in should have a photo on your website. These photos should have a view of the exterior and interior of the home.

It is worth the extra money that you invest in professional real estate photographers to capture a picture of the properties.

Remember: that you have to show a realistic picture of your property. Don’t mislead the client into showing what your property doesn’t offer. The relation that you have with your client is based on trust. Show the best features of the house; that is necessary but, also present the shortcomings while you discuss with the customer. You don’t want your client to see the photo, fall in love with the photo of the property. Then when he visits it he should not find that it’s not the same property and feel mislead.

Best is to add a video tour of the properties on your website to pull and attract lot of online traffic to your site. Ensure that the quality of photos and videos are aligned with your personal and professional brand and represent it. Also leap frog your website by adding your real estate knowledge to create a video blog that gives a feedback from the potential client, your information and the answers to vital real estate questions.

You can create videos that shares insight into the area of the property on sale, common real estate questions, and drive traffic to the YouTube video and the website too.

Information About the Neighbourhood

The information need that each client has is different. Some come to your website for prices, some for property itself, while other visit to know about the neighbourhood. People are of course anxious about what the neighbourhood is like, as they want to know what area they are moving into.

Typically real estate agents say that the neighbourhood is great. To be realistic and give a realistic picture to the client, show the true picture of the area. List the statistics from government agencies and associations that keep a track on the crime rate, the income levels of the people there, the school ratings; even if these things don’t look that great.

To get the true picture of the neighbourhood is necessary for a client as he wants his family to settle and live in a decent locality. This is a priceless gift to his family. Build a section in the website that gives information exclusively for the neighbourhood.


Blog on Your website

Having a blog on your website is popular. And if you wish that make it attractive to customers, mention something informative on your blog. Present information that is useful for the reader. Discuss the latest trends in the market, population growth in certain areas where you deal in properties, share the latest community events. Keep searching for new topics that interest the readers. The topics can be picked up from the social networking sites where you can create a page and invite followers. Their comments and likes will guide you to the topic that will be interesting for the customers.

Your blog is not a sales platform it is just a place to discuss relevant topics and give invaluable information. This builds your brand and in turn pushes your sales.


Nothing like having expert advice

Share information with your buyer that is useful and give some expert advice that they are eager to know, even before you talk to them personally. You can help them in the process of buying a home, give them mortgage options or share case studies. You are in the field of real estate for long and you have a wealth of insider information. You know ways to get the best price for a house, how to secure the best deal for mortgage, who to contact when you need a contractor or a lender? Don’t think too much while you share this useful information with you prospective buyers.

Knowing the Market

When you provide market information it’s not only about sharing about what kinds of houses are popular today? It’s about providing information about the local market. What are the trends in sales? Is the market a buyer’s market or seller’s market? In a particular area what are the sales price?

A profile or the job of the real estate agent mostly is about educating the client, so start building a background for this through your website by giving reliable market information to the clients.


s a luxury property provider, it may be tempting to showcase only your most expensive and attractive properties on your website. However, this approach may not always meet the needs and preferences of your clients. To cater to a wider range of clients, it’s essential to offer a variety of choices based on different price ranges, sizes, localities, and preferences.

Offering various price ranges ensures that you are catering to clients with different budgets. Some clients may be willing to splurge on a luxurious property, while others may be looking for a more affordable option. By providing different pricing options, you can accommodate the needs of both types of clients.

Similarly, offering a range of property sizes caters to clients with different space requirements. Some clients may be looking for a cozy apartment, while others may require a spacious villa or mansion. By providing different sizes of properties, you can ensure that you have something to offer to all clients.

A Step Forward to the Next Level

Is this effort worth it? Yes, indeed, be rest assured that this exercise will take your real estate website to the next level. Your prospective client and customer will start to view you as a thought leader and expert in the field of real estate as you share this type of information. You become a trusted advisor and that is what they are looking out for. They trust you that you know the market and the client’s need.

When you have created a presence online you draw more traffic to your website, and these are the opportunities to attract more clients and close more deals.

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