How to Find Jobs Using Social Media Websites

job search using social media

Let’s explore various scenarios. You have completed your education and now looking for that big job or  your job sucks or there is no sign of that much awaited salary hike, well there can be many reasons for you  to search for a new and a better job. Finding a good job that matches your skill sets and expectations is becoming a challenge day by day, 500 applications for 5 vacancies is today’s scenario.

That is why it is very important for you to have an edge over other applicants and send your resume to organizations before hundreds of other candidates send their resumes. This is where social media comes into picture and can help you in finding jobs before many other probable candidates.

I am taking the liberty of sharing with you some social media tips which can help you in landing that dream job. This is how you can use social media channels to find a new job for you.



LinkedIn is a popular social networking website for professionals. You can create your profile on LinkedIn and if created well your LinkedIn profile can become your online resume. Many of users fail to make a proper and complete use of LinkedIn. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete and you are connected with your colleagues, friends and industry influencers. LinkedIn has a section named ‘Jobs’ where one can find a job suitable to his/her skill sets. Even if someone fails to get a link to a job opening s/he can find people who can help in finding a new and better job like human resource head of some company or people working in HR department.


You are aware about controversies happening over Tweets, is Twitter is used for creating controversies only? No, Twitter is not used for creating controversies or to let people know what you are having for your dinner, but in fact Twitter can also help you in finding a new job. Before you start following tweeples (people on twitter) make sure that your twitter profile is completed. Choose a nice and recent profile picture and start following relevant people on twitter (tweeples). Start tweeting, don’t just post about yourself but start tweeting about your area of interest or expertise. Twitter will help you connect with appropriate person who can help you in a new job. There are many organizations and recruitment agencies on twitter who posts about recent job vacancies available in organizations. Start following them over Twitter, for example ADP posts their jobs on twitter @ADPCareers, Infosys posts on @InfosysCareers.


Facebook may not help you in finding new job directly but it can help you in job hunting indirectly. Facebook is the quickest way to communicate with different people across industries. Users with whom you are connected over LinkedIn and Twitter, make them friends over Facebook. Make sure that your profile is up to date, it should not happen that in an interview you say that reading is the best thing you can do whenever you get some free time and on Facebook profile you have mentioned that you hate reading. You can be thrown out of the recruitment process for lying. Keep profile updated and consistent throughout. Social recruitment is gaining momentum and Facebook is an important part of social recruitment.


Want to see Sachin Tendulkar’s historic knock, his double century, again? You can find Sachin’s video online on YouTube; similarly imagine a recruiter can find you online on YouTube as it is sometimes very difficult to meet recruiters for an interview due to busy schedule. You can create your own video resume and upload it on YouTube. Nice thing about video resume is that very few people have created their video resumes and the space is not at all crowded at this time. Your video resume shall be self explanatory giving information about you, your personality, skills, liking etc.

Above social media websites can help you in finding new job, also along with these sites you can use Google alerts, Google news. A combination of all these together enhances your chances of getting a good job using social media sites. Social media also catapults your search for global positions thus linking you professionally the world over. The new age mantra is ‘Go Social

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