Build Exciting AI Apps with Meta’s Llama 2 – Now on Azure and AWS!

You Can Now Build Exciting AI Apps with Meta's Llama 2 on Azure

Today brings exciting news for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of AI! Meta has announced partnerships with both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand access to large language models like its newly released Llama 2. As a developer, I’m thrilled by this expanded collaboration.

Azure users like myself can access Llama 2 to build AI apps, as originally announced. But now, Llama 2 is also available via AWS’ SageMaker JumpStart platform. This gives developers even more flexibility to tap into Llama 2’s advanced capabilities.

With 7 billion parameters at its base, Llama 2 gives developers access to some of the most powerful natural language AI out there today. By fine-tuning Llama 2, we can create systems that summarize text, answer questions, generate content, and more.

ith more developers leveraging models like Llama 2, just imagine all the progress we can make! But wider access is not the only goal here. Microsoft, AWS, and Meta are also prioritizing responsible AI development. Azure and SageMaker both provide additional tools to help ensure applications of Llama 2 and other generative models are used safely and ethically.

With trusted industry leaders guiding the way, the future is bright for AI that makes a true positive difference in the world. I, for one, am excited to experiment with Llama 2 myself. Having access to both Azure and AWS gives me more options to build creative and responsible AI. What new possibilities will you explore with Llama 2? Let me know in the comments!



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