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Theme Activation Tracking

The GA4Admin plugin for WordPress allows you to monitor and record theme activation events on your website, providing valuable insights into the changes made to your site’s appearance. Changing themes is a significant decision that can impact user experience, and tracking theme activation helps you understand how different themes are utilized. Below is the key event tracked by the plugin related to theme activation:

Event Name: ga4admin_theme_activated

  • Trigger: This event is triggered when a new theme is activated on the website.
  • Event Parameters:
    • ga4admin_action: Same as event name.
    • ga4admin_domain: The domain of the website.
    • userType: The user’s role(s).
    • user_id: The user’s ID.
    • username: The user’s username.
    • theme_name: The name of the newly activated theme.

Monitoring theme activation events is essential for understanding how different themes impact your website’s appearance and user experience. With this event and its associated parameters, you can keep track of theme changes made by admins and analyze their effects on user interactions.

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